A downloadable game for Windows

Did you know it is impossible for a real DeLorean to reach 88 miles per hour in a parking lot this size? It would take a DeLorean over 10 seconds to reach 60MPH!

Can you beat the odds? Let's find out!

Doc took plutonium from a group of bad guys and they've tracked him down to the Twin Pines Mall.  

Escape the mall parking lot and the bad guys by getting the time machine up to 88 miles per hour!

Install instructions

Unzip the contents to a location and run the TwinPinesMall.exe.


TwinPinesMall.zip 27 MB


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Simple game, easy to beat, but really enjoyable and well done. I also like that you can utterly destroy that little booth in the middle of the lot.

Other things I want to note:

  • Driving feels good and natural
  • The guys chasing you are pretty easy to lose and pose little to no threat
  • The menu buttons are default unity buttons and would look better if you changed them.
  • The effect for the car reaching 88 and disappearing looks really good.